About Dellinger Technologies

Located in Acworth, GA, we are a family owned technology and consulting company. Our committment to quality is reflected in the relationships we have with our clients. We treat our clients as true partners and strive to achieve goals and celebrate successes together. We leverage years of technical expertise and business knowlege to provide the type of services and solutions for your business that you expect and deserve.

In addition to working on client successes, we spend significant time each year volunteering our efforts to foster technical skills and personal growth at all levels of education from elementary schools to universites. Being involved in our local and regional community allows us to actively participate in building bright futures for our younger generation.

Jay Dellinger

Jay has over 20 years of professional experience in a wide range of technologies. From his background in aerospace engineering, to years of software development and architecture experience with enterprise companies, to hands-on skill building as a makerspace co-founder, Jay has extensive capabilities and problem solving skills to help tackle any business challenge.

Cassy Dellinger

Cassy's background in aerospace engineering gives her a strong technical basis to address any business needs. She has extensive leadership experience through multiple non-profit organizations and community groups and has developed sharp organizational and planning skills that are readily applied to client projects. Her years of experience with a Big 5 consulting firm offer global enterprise competencies but with a friendly, local company attitude.